Every game has specific tactics and strategies that can help you maintain a competitive edge. Here we have given you some simple tips which should help you the next time you play Fortnite Battle or even use some Fortnite Hacks.

Silence – It is rightly said that ‘Silence is Golden”. In this game that applies. It is best to stay as much silent as you can. If others using smart headphones can identify you, then they get an edge. This essentially means that you shouldn’t be running around much as that gets noisy. It’s best to walk or crouch silently. Also when you run you leave behind a trail of smoke which is a major indication of where you are. When you are trying to scavenge for items or resources and are using your pickaxe, try and keep it as quiet as you can.

Headphones – The above tip can be reversed easily. If you use a pair of good smart headphones, you can hear the sounds made by other players and accordingly decide your move. When you know where other players are, you get an advantage. Thus the best way to go about the game is to keep silent and stay alert to noises made by others. One can also find some more tips and ideas on how to play the game from http://trichefortnite.fr

Circle – If you are a regular Fortnite player, you surely know that the Circle is most important. You need to be extremely vigilant about the safe area or the white circle. This gives you a better chance. As you know the circle keeps shrinking and hence you need to be proactive. When do you need to stay inside, how it is shrinking, when do you need to move – these are questions you should be asking yourself? There are also some generateur de v bucks which would help you play your game better.